Love Your Spine 6/7/20

As this thumbnail implies this is a gentle class and we begin on the ground.

– Yoga Blanket or an extra mat if you’ve got one. If not don’t worry I will present a workable alternative.
– 2 blocks or a yoga bolster or a big pillow. A couch cushion will work in a pinch.

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Flow 6/2/2020

Kleenex for Alternate Nostril Breathing
Block or Blanket for Abs

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Basic Balance 5/24/20

Balance as juxtaposition of forces.

Poses to work towards:
– Tree
– Crow

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Basics 5/12/20

Have you been sitting a lot? Maybe you were lucky enough to take a long bike ride? You’ll love all the lunges in this basics class!

– Block or something to put between your knee in Abs with block
– Blanket for under you knees.

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All Levels Inversions 5/11/20

Are you feeling like spending some time upside down, maybe with your feet on a wall? You’re in luck!

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Gentle Balance Sequence Yoga 5/04/20

A props light, gentle balance sequence. Beginning and more challenging options are given for the poses.


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All Levels Balance and Flow 4/29/20

This class reminds me of Friday mornings at Infinity. Love you!

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Basic twists and rotations 4/26/20

What starts as a subtle exploration of rotation evolves into a close look at Star Pulse Abs, Down Dog, Triangle and Warrior II. Of Cours with all this subtle rotation we have to do some good ol’ twists as well! Fyi, we start out on the ground. No props needed, keep a block near by if you’ve got one.

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All Levels Dolphins, Frogs, and more! 4/20/20

Props Needed:
– Strap (if you want it for Archer)
– Blanket
– Block or something for ABS
– Wall or counter for Dolphin against wall (or counter/table top/ etc.)

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Gentle Forward Folds Workshop 4/5/20

An in-depth exploration of forward folds. Meant for the inflexible as well as the experience yoga practitioner who wants to learn how to open up their back body and support themselves in forward folds. Works as warm up for Forrest Inspired Forward Folds

Props Needed:
* Tennis ball, or something similar to roll out myofacsia
* Block (optional)
* yoga strap, old tie, bathrobe belt, be creative 🙂

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Back to Basics Hip Openers 3/29/20

Props needed:

• block or pillow
• rolled up mat or pillow
• blanket

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All Levels 3/26/20

A sequence designed to warm you up and make you feel strong. Minimal props used, you could do this almost anywhere.

Be well, I love you.

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Gentle Yoga for Back Care 3/22/2020

A great sequence to learn how to take care of your back on and off the mat.

For this class you’ll need a strap and a block. If you don’t have a block just grab a pillow. If you don’t have a yoga strap a tie you no longer use, or a long sock, a bathrobe belt, or any other belt should work. Get creative, you can do this!

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All Levels 3/16/20

This could be called Love your Lungs class, or it could be called Shoulder Prep for Chaturanga. I will probably remember it as the one where I cried at the end.

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Gentle Yoga 3/14/20

This was originally shot just as a test with no intention of sharing.

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Quick Basic Sun Salutation Demo


A short demo of FY style Classic Sun Salutation. Note, this video was shot in Sept. 2019, I was still struggling with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, hence the mask.