News of my upcoming trip which affects Zoom classes. Also a bunny in Savasana


Yoga peels back the edges of your Mask. It pushes you to the edge of who you’re pretending to be, introducing you to what lies beneath. Your Mask doesn’t have to distract from your luminance. IN the end, it’s how your light is gonna shine.
― Jessamyn Stanley, Yoke: My Yoga of Self-Acceptance


drawn bunny laying on ground. "Savasana" written underneath. Starting at the top and working around the sides and bottom the words read, " palms open towards the sky, lie flat on back, belly expands as you breath in, feet pointing outward.

Hello Friends,
Stanley’s words remind me of 5 Koshas (5 bodies) practice, where we begin with our physical body (mask) and work inwards through energy body, mental body, wisdom body, and bliss body. I am particularly in love with the notion of taking care of our physical beings because we house preciousness within us. And then of course our physical beings is how we interact with the world, how our “light is gonna  shine.”

As it turns out, I will be taking care of my body on an upcoming trip to see my sister in MI. I can barely wait to have some sister time!

For Root River Yogis, this means Hallie will be filling in for me Thursdays, March 14th and 21st. For those of you who practice with me on Fridays at Dharma River, Gretchen Mulkey is going to sub for me, in person classes only. Zoom classes are taking a little break. We will meet next Tuesday the 19th, and then begin again April  2nd. If you usually attend on Zoom, but would like to try a Friday class in person with Gretchen, there is room for you, and Gretchen is delightful to practice with, I encourage you to make it, if you can!



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kitten on yoga mat covered in yarn that used to be a ball.

Tuesdays (no class March 26th)


Fridays (In Person only March 22, 29)

  • 8:15 am- 9:15am Forrest Inspired Vinyasa – Dharma River In person and Zoom
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