Dharma River

Tuesday 8:15am-9:15am – Zoom Only

Fridays 8:15-9:15am In Person at Dharma River Studio and Zoom

Please contact me for sliding scale/pay from the heart options. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Pricing 8 Week Sessions
1 Class – $15
4 Classes – $52 ($13 per class)
6 Classes – $72 ($12 per class)
8 Classes – $88 ($11 per class)

1 Class – $12
4 Classes – $44 ($11 per class)
6 Classes – $60 ($10 per class)
8 Classes $72 ($9 per class)

Current Session Sept and Oct. Join anytime! 

You can pay with cash or check in person.

Online options for payment:
Venmo: @Elle-Newman-1


Q: Can I begin mid-session?
A: Absolutely

Q: If I purchase less than 8 classes for an 8 week period how will I know how many classes I have left?
A: Every current student will have a sheet clearly explaining how many classes they have for the dates. If you practice in person you can check it anytime. If you practice online I will text or email you this info after each class.

Q: Can I gift one of my classes to friend?
A: Yes. Just let me know.

Q: What If I want to attend more classes in an 8 week session than I thought?
A: Awesome! You can purchase additional classes for the same price as the individual price of your package. For instance if you purchased 6 classes for $72, and realize you aren’t going out of town after all, you can purchase additional classes for $12 each.

Q: What if illness or tragedy strikes and I can’t use my classes?
A: You will notice that I have included a sliding scale/pay from the heart option. Talk to me if there’s a way I can help meet your needs.

Q: If I’m a long-term student, who attends classes regularly, can I prorate if I know ahead of time I can only attend 7 of the 8 classes?
A: Yes. If this is you, you’ve been supporting me for years, I can absolutely help you out.

Pricing structure explained:

If funding is an issue for you, my sincere hope is that you will reach out. You are important, and what you will add to our group is valuable.

Being able to look at my yoga finances in 8 week increments removes some stress from my life. This allows me to know I can pay our expenses (rent/zoom account/insurance), afford to give the time and energy needed to plan and lead our classes, and better afford future trainings. Rates per class go down the more you practice within the 8 weeks, to thank you for adding stability to my life.