Twisting Basics 11/11/20

Join us for the Back to Basics twisting practice.


  • Block
  • Kitten optional

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Yoga for Nerves

I’m sharing what I’ve learned about maintaining health of sciatic, femoral, and median nerves. No special props are needed. Blanket and block optional.

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Yin Practice 6/27/20

Yin Yoga features long held gentle stretches.

Props: – tennis ball or foam roller – bolster or pillow – block if you’ve got one -more pillows just in case Enjoy!

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Love Your Spine 6/7/20

As this thumbnail implies this is a gentle class and we begin on the ground.

– Yoga Blanket or an extra mat if you’ve got one. If not don’t worry I will present a workable alternative.
– 2 blocks or a yoga bolster or a big pillow. A couch cushion will work in a pinch.

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Gentle Forward Folds Workshop 4/5/20

An in-depth exploration of forward folds. Meant for the inflexible as well as the experience yoga practitioner who wants to learn how to open up their back body and support themselves in forward folds. Works as warm up for Forrest Inspired Forward Folds

Props Needed:
* Tennis ball, or something similar to roll out myofacsia
* Block (optional)
* yoga strap, old tie, bathrobe belt, be creative 🙂

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Gentle Yoga for Back Care 3/22/2020

A great sequence to learn how to take care of your back on and off the mat.

For this class you’ll need a strap and a block. If you don’t have a block just grab a pillow. If you don’t have a yoga strap a tie you no longer use, or a long sock, a bathrobe belt, or any other belt should work. Get creative, you can do this!

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