About Elle

Elle came to yoga in 2001 as a non-athletic nerd with a mediation practice. By then her health was already beginning to suffer with chronic pain and undiagnosed autistic burnout. Looking back Elle can see her practice provided her with the means to take care of her mind, body, and spirit, as well as a valuable way to connect her to community.

Elle first fell in love with asana, breath, and the accessibility of Vinyasa Flow. Later her path brought her to Forrest Yoga and the strength and stability it provided. She brings 15 years of experience leading yoga, as well as a sense of humor and an ability to work with a variety of student’s needs.

Her trainings include 200 hours of Vinyasa Yoga training. Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training. She also has specialty trainings in: Yoga for Back Care, Pre-natal Yoga, and Yoga for Seniors.

Elle’s classes draw long term practitioners, as well as people brand new to yoga. If you have questions about whether or not Elle can meet your needs, or accommodations you may need in your practice, please reach out.