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“The three factors that seem to have the greatest influence on increasing our happiness are our ability to reframe our situation more positively, our ability to experience gratitude, and our choice to be kind and generous.”

Dalai Lama XIV, The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World

Hello Friends!

Before I get into it, make sure to check out my out-of-town schedule. Brett and I are heading to Michigan to see my sister and her kiddos! Hallie is subbing for my Root River class and Gretchen is subbing for my Infinity classes. To keep things nice and manageable for Gretchen, please note there are in-person classes only those days. Online folks, please consider joining Hallie with Root River on Thursday, or going to my website and making use of all the videos you all helped fund!

The other thing on my mind is that I’ve been revisiting the idea of inversions, specifically ones that use wall space.

For those who don’t love going upside down, let me take a moment to reassure you that one can certainly practice asana without ever attempting a hand stand or shoulder stand! It is 100% not necessary. For that matter asana is only a small piece of the wisdom that is yoga, but that is a conversation for another time. My point is, friend, there is no pressure and you won’t be left out.

The reason I’m revisiting this is that Forrest Inspired classes pre-2020 included use of walls and going upside down against them. Some of us miss it. So I have been dreaming up a way that we can have our cake (responsibly sequenced practices taking into account everyone’s needs and doing my best to be an ambassador for inclusive respectful yoga) and eat it too (upside-down playtime on walls)!

Next Tuesday, March 20th you have the option of staying after class for a few minutes and practicing some inversions on the wall. We will all have the benefit of a practice that warms us up for this, which incidentally is also great for your back, shoulders, and general well being…. so if for any reason you don’t want to go upside down, end with us at Savasana and don’t go upside down. There is no pressure and you won’t be left out of anything during our regularly-scheduled practice.

If you practice from home and want to try a few wall inversions (maybe couch inversions) but have questions about how this could work for you, please reach out and we can think through it together!

Much Love,


Class information for Elle’s trip to MI:

Tuesdays 3/28 & 4/4

8:15 am Forrest Inspired Vinyasa – Infinity Studio only with Gretchen Mulkey

Thursday 3/30

7:15am Forrest Inspired Vinyasa with Hallie – Root River Zoom

Fridays 3/24 & 3/31

8:15 am Forrest Inspired Vinyasa – Infinity and Zoom

Infinity Info:

Punchpass Link:

Email Heather Lorenz, studio manager, with any questions or concerns at

Weekly Schedule


8:15 am Forrest Inspired Vinyasa – Infinity Studio and Zoom


7:15am Forrest Inspired Vinyasa – Root River Zoom


8:15 am Forrest Inspired Vinyasa – Infinity and Zoom



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