Gentle Classes and Registration Information

““We crave and need challenge, adventure, and a daily diet of delight.” ~Ana Forrest

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Hello Everyone!

Thanks to everyone for the great support this past week and all the loving reach-outs and healing energy sent for my back. I am on the mend, but expect some great Lower Back Care classes coming up!

It was so great to see so many of you last week at our river social after class! In fact, I hope we can have more. If you have ideas for outdoor meetups this summer, reach out. I will also do some thinking!

On the schedule below you will find updated links for registration and pricing info for Dharma River and Outdoor Yoga.

The big difference for Dharma River practitioners is we’ll be thinking about it in 8 week chunks (for my sanity) rather than purchasing anytime passes. Some of you are bringing classes from HALO, and some of you may have other special circumstances. I anticipate a small amount of figuring it out this first time. If what I wrote doesn’t make sense, just show up and talk to me, we’ll figure it out.

For Outdoor Yoga, register with Community Services for a nominal $10 fee. The fee is intentionally small (thank you Community Ed for your generosity!) so that all donations will go towards Our Voices.

See you on the mat soon!


Weekly Schedule

Contact me with any questions!

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  • 8:15 am- 9:15am Forrest Inspired Vinyasa – Outdoors at Winona Public High School. More info.



  • 8:15 am- 9:15am Forrest Inspired Vinyasa – Dharma River In person and Zoom
    • Space is limited, please make sure I know if you’re attending in person.
    • Contact me if you don’t already have the Zoom Link.
    • Read here for more pricing info.
    • Any classes purchased to practice with me through Infinity/HALO will be honored, just let me know.