News for week of June 7th: info on outdoor classes

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Hello Everyone,

Hopefully word got to everyone and you have reregistered for any Zoom classes your want to take. If not, the links are below and will be there for you anytime if you decide at the last minute you want to take a class.

Also the long-awaited link to register for Community Ed outdoor classes is below. If you have friends you want to bring, it’s ok for them to drop in as our guest. If you can, please let me know ahead of time if they are new to yoga in general, or if you invited them because there was something specific you thought would benefit them. Thank you!

If the Zoom links aren’t working or you have any other questions for me, let me know. Below is (I think) all the information you need as well as this week’s schedule.



Wednesday Morning Classes at WHS

  • Begins June 30th, 8:15am
  • $10 registration fee through Community Education, $5 for just August.
    • Register Here
    • Drop ins are welcome, no need to register if you’re just checking it out, so feel free to bring friends!
  • On-site donations accepted for Our Voices, an organization who supports BIPOC students.
  • If you paid way ahead to help me out, thank you, you’re amazing, and I don’t know what I would have done without you! Also, you don’t owe anything, please feel free to just show up! I let Community Ed know that this was the case and they are willing to waive fees for you. <3

Important Information for Infinity/home based Zoom Classes

Wednesday June 9th

  • Last day of Wednesday morning Zoom classes for the summer.
  • I’m not sure where Wednesday classes will be held in the fall but rest assured they will be indoors with Zoom options.

Friday June 18th & Monday June 19th

  • No Zoom Classes

Zoom options for Infinity classes will continue for the foreseeable future. Don’t be discouraged by this short break, I am just making things as easy as possible for Gretchen to sub my classes while I’m away.


Schedule for Week of June 7th

Contact me with any questions!

Nobody (Bod) Owens Newman Terpstra


8:15am Forrest Inspired Vinyasa – Infinity Yoga


7:45am Basic Yoga Zoom Class

  • Register Here
  • Donate here.
    • If you’re wondering what to contribute, consider paying the same amount you’d pay if this class were at your usual studio. As always, these classes are offered on a pay what you can, if you can basis.

6pm Forrest Inspired Vinyasa  – Root River Zoom


7:15am Forrest Inspired Vinyasa – Root River Zoom


7:45 am Forrest Inspired Vinyasa – Infinity Yoga

Yoga Videos and Meditation

As always, these are shared with you under the category “pay what you can, if you can.” Here’s the link to PayPal your support:


Root River Yoga on Zoom

Consider joining me and a great group of students for a Root River class and support an amazing studio that serves rural SE MN. Register for classes and learn more about Root River Yoga here.


6:00-7:00pm All Levels


7:15-8:15am All Levels
*You’re invited to stay online after class for coffee/tea and a chat.

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